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Avicci has a huge range of tiles, furniture and sanitary ware. With a distribution network around Sub-Saharan Africa, Avicci can supply your business wherever it is. With supplies ranging from tile cutters to sinks, Avicci has leveraged its substantial network to offer you the lowest possible prices on all of our products. With more than 50 years’ of collective experience, Avicci is one of SA’s leading wholesale suppliers of tiles, furniture and sanitary ware to the Sub-Saharan African market. Avicci also offers a comprehensive “warehouse to customer” logistics service, which means we’ll deliver products to your business, wherever it is.


Avicci Ceramics

Avicci Construction

Avicci Solar

    Tiles and Flooring
    Sanitary Ware
    Furniture and Fittings
    Lighting and Electrical
    Product Installation
    Project Co-ordination
    General Building Works
    Plumbing, Tiling, Electrical
    Solar Energy Solutions
    Full Project Consultation
    Sourcing and Installation
    Skilled Maintenance


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